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The number one barrier to buying online

The number one barrier to buying online. Recently released information from Forrester Research indicates that the inability to touch and feel the product is the number one barrier to women buying online. For men the inability to touch the product, combined with not wanting to give out financial and credit card information over the internet was an equal number one reason. Continue reading

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LIBOR’s steep rise. This isn’t good.

LIBOR’s steep rise. This isn’t good. The last time we saw a rise in the LIBOR it went from 10 to 40 and then sat there for nine months. And then in exploded to 150 in one trading day and almost instantaneously banks stopped lending to each other, the global economy ground to a halt and we plunged into the GFC.

I mention this only because LIBOR gained 10 points last night, and there’s no garauntee it’ll wait 9 months before moving again, like it did last time. Continue reading

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Spain’s not safe yet

Spain’s not safe yet. Just three weeks ago, prior to the Greek bailout many commentators, pundits, market insiders and bloggers were saying that at the very least Spain should be able to handle their debt. The austerity measures the IMF is proposing is both needed and downright difficult for Spain to put in place. Continue reading

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Euro vs the world – it’s getting ugly

EUR/USD – It’s getting ugly for the euro out there, it’s as simple as that. Continue reading

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The who’s who of online video

The who’s who of online video.
A few key points about the graphs and data:

– Why hasn’t Google incorporated their Google video and rolled it into Youtube yet?
– How much more growth is there for Youtube?
– Why is Apple nowhere to be seen in the top ten (maybe even top 20 of video) given that there is clearly an audience for it and it would be great on their products
– It must be baseball season Continue reading

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How the smartphone market works – is it all about the apps?

How the smartphone market works – is it all about the apps?
Hardware providers, app developers and players big and small are falling over themselves to get a share of a market that is providing much needed growth in the mobile markets. So what is it that providers in the market grow? Is it the hardware? Is it the app’s and services? Is it the beloved developers who build the apps? Is it the operating system (think Apple vs Android vs Microsoft vs RIM)? Or is it dependent on the platform being deployed widely enough? Continue reading

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Online spending jumps 10% in 12 months

Online spending jumps 10% in 12 months. Online retail spending has jumped 10% year on year in the US and 7% on the last financial quarter according to comScore’s latest research. The report said “Online retail spending neared $34 billion for the quarter, up 10 percent versus year ago. The strong acceleration represented the first time growth rates reached double-digits since the second quarter of 2008.” Continue reading

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