Google, Facebook and Twitter – 12 months of growth since March 2009

A quick graph demonstrating the traffic growth in Google, Facebook and Twitter over the past 12 months.

While twitter’s starting base was undeniably lower than Google or Facebook, it is also undeniable that Twitter hasn’t come close to the traffic streams, and doesn’t look as though it will threaten, Google or Facebook’s traffic streams.

Perhaps users on Facebook and Twitter should be the real unit of measure.

But if that is the case, then is there any joy there either? Because for every user the company and others would assume an amount of time spent on the site, logging in, interacting, doing things etc.

What we’re not seeing here however is an increase of traffic relative to active usage. The sites may be are growing in terms of raw numbers of members, but perhaps we’re seeing the natural attrition rates of users dropping off on the platforms which may be eating into overall growth.


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One Response to Google, Facebook and Twitter – 12 months of growth since March 2009

  1. Jonathan says:

    Hey, I have just pressed a new story entitled “The Facebook Invasion,” and would love your thoughts and opinions as you have clearly researched the topic.
    You can see it @ 🙂

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