Is Huffington Post really going to take over the world?

Business Insider has produced a chart, sourced from comScore, (republished below) indicating that Huffington Post is about to shoot past the and that they’re well poised to beat all the ‘traditional media’ websites.


Business Insider’s story is here. There’s absolutely no doubt that Huffington Post is a trailblazer and an online media phenomenon. Similarly there’s no argument that HuffPo, as it has become lovingly known, is growing strongly compared to the other media websites that still pump out few tonnes of pulped trees each day with fresh print on them.

There’s just one problem with the claim that they’re about to punch through a media industry traffic ceiling. When you take a look at’s numbers – which also measure unique’s, the same, optimistic looking, growth that comScore’s data has produced isn’t just muddled, it simply evaporates. shows the three sites as a whole actually losing people over a 12 month period and that is the clear leader. It even show’s that is leading HuffPo. and can’t, as the adage goes, both be right. Although they could both be wrong.


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