Is the future Android?

The smartphone war is most definitely on. In the red corner, with a market cap of $216 billion, is Apple. And in the blue corner, weighing in with a market cap of $151 billion is Google. And for these two heavy weights, the focus is, at the moment, their hand(helds)

It’s iphone vs android.

Google revealed some very impressive numbers about the Android last night, the main one being that they’re activating 100,000 units everyday.

Business Insider did the sums and they revealed “This suggests Google’s Android phone growth is greater than Apple’s iPhone growth. Last quarter, Apple reported sales of 8.75 million iPhones, which is 97,222 units per day.

“It’s possible Apple’s iPhone sales grew in the last month, but it seems that at best, it is running even with Google. Considering Apple’s head start, this is astounding.”

Google released this image to show it’s growth:

Google Android activations


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