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Nothing good ever comes from this….

Europe faces some dark times. Despite borrowing billions of Euro’s to cover debts but not assessing underlying government and economic fundamentals, coupled with the inability to deleverage their own economies, to put it mildly, isn’t a good thing. Below are … Continue reading

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Inflation: A food and fuel focus

  Quick! name three things humans need….. Times up. If you answered, food, fuel and housing you’d be bang on the money. As most of the world’s housing bubbles have popped, save for Canada, Australia and Brazil who all have … Continue reading

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Oil’s ain’t oils – it’s all about the petrol

  Continued instability in the Middle East and Northern Africa, most notably in Libya is keeping everyone from oil merchants, traders, politicians through big business leaders up at night. And with good reason instability to major oil producing nations causes … Continue reading

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