Australian tourism in 25 year low according to ABS.

The Australian tourism sector is in dire straits. As commented by Leith Van Onselen over at Macrobusiness, the Aussie tourism sector is currently suffering it’s lowest volume of tourists in 25 years.

Australian Tourism numbers over 25 years, to February 2012

From Leith’s article Bogan exodus continues:

“Short-term resident departures fell by -1.4% in February in seasonally adjusted terms, whereas short-term visitor arrivals rose by 1.1%. By contrast, in the 12 months to February 2012, the annual number of depatures increased by 8.5% relative to the corresponding period of the prior year, whereas arrivals actually fell by -0.2%.”

The article also notes that’s it’s not just international tourism that’s hurting, Aussie tourists aren’t packing their bags for local hotspots either, the strong Australian Dollar coupled with cheap airfares from the discount airlines is making mainly ‘localised international travel’ (read South East Asia), more attractive too.

From the article:

“In the year to February 2012, 7.8 million Australians holidayed overseas – more than double the level of 10 years ago (3.4 million). This compares to only 5.9m tourist arrivals over the same period (4.8 million 10 years ago).

South East Asia (particularly Indonesia and Thailand) remains Australia’s favourite holiday destination, receiving 32% of Australia’s departures in February 2012. This was followed by Oceania (21%), the Americas (13%), North East Asia (11%) and North West Europe (10%)”

Tourist departures monthly by region

Source: Bogan exodus continues, Leith Van Onselen.

Tourist departures monthly by country within South East Asia

Source: Bogan exodus continues, Leith Van Onselen.

As they say, if you never never go, you’ll never never know. But with Aussies not exploring their own country, and with international tourists not checking out this wide brown land either… who’s left?


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