Australian Gambling – top 20% ‘heavy’ gamblers make up 87% of gambling dollars

An incredible, almost unbelievable, set of results from Roy Morgan research firm has found that just 20% of gamblers make up a whopping 87% of gambling dollars, in Australia.

Australians are well known for having a punt but even so the numbers seem fairly extraordinary, especially that just one fifth of total gambling participation could make up nearly 90% of gambling dollars.

Australian gambling revenues

From RoyMorgan “There are 1.9 million heavy gamblers in Australia, which represents 20% of Australians who have gambled in the last three months, and 11% of the total adult population 18+ years of age.”

“The fact that the bulk of Australia’s gambling revenue is generated from just 20% of gamblers illustrates that although heavy and even problem gamblers certainly exist, most Australians are not big spenders when it comes to gambling. Light gamblers tend to be those who buy lottery tickets (81%) and an occasional scratch ticket (26%) in an average three-month period but rarely partake in other types of gambling. By contrast, heavy gamblers participate in many types of gambling, especially poker machines (80%), lottery tickets (69%), and betting (40%).


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