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Are we living Europe’s greatest depression?

Some sobering reading from The Washington Post this week. The author, Matt O’Brien, has taken a chart from Nicholas Crafts “and extended it a bit to put Europe’s depression in, well, even more depressing perspective.” The Eurozone GDP hasn’t returned to 2007 … Continue reading

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Australian consumer confidence at dire levels

Australians appear, at least on the outside, to be a fairly lucky bunch. Having avoided the major impacts of the GFC, profiting from a rapidly expanding China which has been chewing up as much as the Aussie miners can shovel … Continue reading

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The US bank Warren Buffett likes the most.

Wells Fargo’s current valuation on the brink of surpassing Citigroup’s high-water market capitalization of $282.75 billion, set back in February 1991 for US financial institutions. Wells Fargo shares are up 13% so far this year, besting the 2.7% gain for … Continue reading

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US Intelligence Funding – by agency and purpose

A stunningly clear graphic has been doing the rounds in the last 24 hours of US Intelligence Funding by agency (NSA, NRO, CIA, FBI etc), and the main purposes of what those large buckets of money are spent on: Data … Continue reading

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Iron Ore: Small miners affected more than big miners

With all the Iron Ore price drama happening at the moment, MacroBusiness have produced perhaps the best, simple, graphic examples of what’s happening to Iron Ore miners and when viewed through this lens the challenge of David vs Goliath, big … Continue reading

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Facebook’s $22B acquisition history visualised

Facebook has spent nearly $22 billion on acquisitions since it’s startup, and outside of its big ticket acquisitions such as buying Instagram for $1 billion, Oculus for $2 billion and WhatsApp for $19billion, there’s some wonderful startups and smaller acquisitions which … Continue reading

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Iron Ore Price smash

Iron Ore is falling, falling hard, and according to Macrobusiness “FMG and RIO both continue to hold up better than they should, down 2.2% to $4.44 and 1% to $59.48 respectively, but both are still above the lows of the … Continue reading

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