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Will Spain and Italy pay their debt in time?

A quick easy one to round out the morning, markets are starting to fret when it comes to Spanish and Italian debt. The chart above demonstrates the Spanish and Italian 5 year CDS from the recent bond auctions. From Reuters: … Continue reading

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Nothing good ever comes from this….

Europe faces some dark times. Despite borrowing billions of Euro’s to cover debts but not assessing underlying government and economic fundamentals, coupled with the inability to deleverage their own economies, to put it mildly, isn’t a good thing. Below are … Continue reading

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Right, now to fix Spain

Now the Greek debt crisis is settled – for the moment – with a $100 billion plus cheque it’s time to look at who will be declared ‘too big to fail’ next.

Spain, step right up. Spain may be more complex, more costly and more problematic for Europe and, by extension the world, than anyone can imagine at this point. And the question may very quickly become, not ‘who will’ step in to fix the situation, but ‘who can afford to?’ Continue reading

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