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iPhone and Android growth Q1 2009 vs Q1 2010

IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile phone Tracker has just released it’s latest numbers for 1Q sales in 2010. And there’s some surprising and not-so-surprising results.
See all the charts here. Apple will no doubt be haunting RIM’s blackberry range, but while it’s getting closer to taking more of Blackberry’s mainly ‘business’ oriented consumers, the Android is making solid in-roads into Apple’s more ‘consumer’ oriented market share.

Apple may need to start watching it’s flanks as it advances on RIM’s territory.

This of course is incredibly good news for Google. Apple has done much of the hard yards and put in a lot of the money educating people to the power of ‘touch’ telephonics, it’s only natural that a new, agile, and very good (open) alternative would emerge. Continue reading

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