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Nothing good ever comes from this….

Europe faces some dark times. Despite borrowing billions of Euro’s to cover debts but not assessing underlying government and economic fundamentals, coupled with the inability to deleverage their own economies, to put it mildly, isn’t a good thing. Below are … Continue reading

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The biggest loser(s)

The biggest loser(s). Australia: It’s not just the big miners, BHP and Rio Tinto, on the back of the Australian governments’ proposed Resource Super Profits Tax, that have been hit hard in recent weeks. Major banking stocks have been hit hard too – mainly due to external factors.

The downturn across the ASX has only occurred, post-RSPT announcement however, and the European problems didn’t emerge domestically until after the announcement either.

Economic instability helped along by uncertain and not-yet-finalised taxation policy can’t be helping things. Continue reading

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