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Are we living Europe’s greatest depression?

Some sobering reading from The Washington Post this week. The author, Matt O’Brien, has taken a chart from Nicholas Crafts “and extended it a bit to put Europe’s depression in, well, even more depressing perspective.” The Eurozone GDP hasn’t returned to 2007 … Continue reading

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Tom Albanese: China for now, India for the future

Rio Tinto boss Tom Albanese was in London last night talking to Bank of America Merrill Lynch execs and others about Rio’s global opportunities.

The short of it was that Rio is well positioned for growth, and naturally that raised no eyebrows. What may have raised at least one eyebrow and a smile on analysts and brokers faces was that Mr Albanese specifically outline that despite China being a good customer now, he see’s India as the growth country of the future.
The potential in India for miners is extraordinary, as highlighted in this chart: Continue reading

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